Spotlight : A secret in your pocket

Publié le : 02/02/2017 10:40:18
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Spotlight : A secret in your pocket
The pocket square is a staple of every gentleman who wants to show his good taste. A versatile accessory, the pocket square will discreetly compliment your falsely nonchalant outfit for your next date, dress up a more casual jacket when you're jetting off with your beloved or sublimate your nicest formal outfit.
The pocket square underlines your eye for detail, allows you to differ from the others, and it's in this spirit that we imagine and design our pocket squares. It is also what inspired us the mischievous patterns of our latest cotton pocket squares, which will resonate with the cheeky side that we all have inside of us. We present you our pocket squares: Champagne !, Need Help ? and Welcome on Board which celebrate attention to detail, with a touch of self-mockery. Let us never forget that regarding style, what matters most is to have fun.

Champagne !

No, do not use this nice 100% cotton rolled in Italy pocket square to uncork the bottles of champagne that would resist you. Instead, wear it in your jacket pocket during a romantic dinner. Perhaps its design will give you some ideas for some funny games at the end of the evening...
Wear it with your best blue suit and a white shirt, you will be as elegant as they come.
Pochette Costume Coton Champagne

Welcome on Board

Pochette Costume Welcome on Board Ladies and gentlemen, welcome in this Airbus A340. Our destination: The Chic. Place your 100% cotton, rolled in Italy, pocket square in the pocket of your most beautiful blue jacket and pair it with chinos, you will feel like you are on holidays already. In a few moments, delicious hostesses will pass among you for a massage or a cocktail. You are on Pochette Square Airlines.

Need Help?

Yes, it can happen. This's already happened to many men in the most crucial moments. But don't panic: the 100% cotton, rolled in Italy, rightly dubbed "Need help?" pocket square and his little blue "Turbo" pills are here to catch up. In terms of look at least ... Slip it into the jacket of your best dark grey or black suit and wear it with a white shirt to be chic. It's good to have self-mockery.
Pochette Costume Coton Need Help