Colours of S/S 2017

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Colours of S/S 2017
Summer 2017 is going to be a colourful one for menswear : from bright yellow to olive green, find below a overview of the colours of the season for men, and how to integrate them to its closet. Before looking at the three dominant colours, we have to talk about neutrals, and especially grey and sand, two neutrals that are going to dominate the upcoming season. Lucky for us, those are easy colours to add to a wardrobe as you can easily pick a grey or beige suit to wear. However, you have to be careful, a beige suit is not for everyone and not for every occasion : wear it to the beach wedding of your friend, or a countryside party. If you were to pick a grey suit for the summer, prefer a light grey one rather than anthracite. The neutrals colours will make you able to add more colorful accessories to your outfit.


Chromatic whim of the season, you will see yellow pop up in the wardrobe of your most stylish friends. Go for a bright and luminous yellow that will shake up your wardrobe. Wearing yellow is however difficult and won't work well with all skin types. If you want to wear a yellow piece of clothing, like a t-shirt or a polo shirt, it will be easier if you have a matte skin. If you have a light skin tone, keep yellow as a splash of colour in your outfits. Yellow goes very well with navy blue, so don't hesitate to wear for example a yellow silk pocket square with your best and faithful navy blue suit. Or you could even go for a more subtle look with a navy tie with yellow details such as stripes or dots, something that will show that you keep up with trends while still being professionnal. If you want to go for a more relaxed look, why not wear a scarf with a yellow detail? Scarves for men has been all the rage for the last few years, and you could tackle both trends this way. Yellow can also be worn with a light grey suit. Pick then a more subdued yellow.
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Accessoires homme orange


Vibrant, slightly burned by the sun or clay-like, orange is the colour that you have to include in your wardrobe gentlemen. Adopt it with a bomber, a t-shirt, pants... the possibilites really are endless. Have some key pieces that will brighten any outfit. If you pick a orange piece, we advise you to follow the rule of three. Are you going to wear orange pants? Wear it with a blue shirt and brown shoes and that's it, don't add more colours to the mix. If you decide to include through accessories you are lucky : it will fit easily with a navy or light grey suit. A navy blue suit, a white shirt, and a brick-red tie will make y timeless and yet trendy outfit. If you want to pick a more vibrant orange, a pocket square will make a nice pop of colour to any outfit. Why not wear an orange pocket square with your best grey jacket? Orange can also be associated with a brown suit.

Le vert

Put aside apple green, an impossible colour to wear let's be honest, to for olive green, emerald or khaki. The full khaki suit will be for the more adventurous of you (and we advise against it if you're light-skinned. Those shades of green can easily be worn as accessories : a new green tie to upgrade your daily work outfit or a green scarf to spice up a more relaxed look. Olive green will work well with brown, grey or off-white whilst emerald green will work better with brown, dark orange or our most faitful ally, navy blue.

Accessoires verts

If you have doubts about wearing certains colours, our elegant advisers will glady answers your questions..