How to wear a scarf

Here at Pochette Square, we designed our silk scarves for him and for her. Our silk scarves, designed with modern and bold patterns can be easily be worn by men or women, around their neck, their wrist, or in one's hair. Tie one around your bag, replace a watch bracelet with it... There are many ways to make this the perfect gift for your soulmate, one that you can easily also use.

We will present three of the most common ways to wear a silk scarf, both for her and for him.

Around your neck

The silk scarf will find an obvious place around the necks of gentlemen, as one can wear it in quite versatile manners, like a cowboy, a Roaring Twenties dandy, or an elegant rider. It will also fit nicely around women' necks, who can wear a silk scarf tied loosely or more like a choker.

Foulard SoieFoulard Zigzag - 50x50 cm - Noué à la Cowboy
Carre de SoieFoulard Avis de Passage - 90x90 cm - Noué à la Cowboy.
Foulard SoieFoulard The Whole World - 90x90 cm - Double Tour de cou.
Carre de SoieFoulard The Raccoon - 90x90 cm - Pli Cravate.
Foulard SoieFoulard Fish & Skate - 90x90 cm - Noué à la parisienne, version ascot.
Carre de SoieFoulard Which Way - 50x50 cm - Petit tour de cou.

Around your wrist

A scarf, and especially a silk scarf, is an original alternative to more regular bracelets. You just have to fold your scarf in two horizontally, and roll it on itself, before tying it around your wrist. Don't hesitate to make two successive knots, as silk is a slippery fabric. A great way for both women and men to upgrade any outfit.
Foulard Gavroche Soie

Wear a scarf in your hair

Mick Jagger holding his hair back with a silk scarf in the Seventies, Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot tying a scarf loosely around theirs, like a headband or into a braid... Trust us, a silk scarf will make any haircut looks like the best version of itself.

Foulard Soie Gavroche