The knitted tie, the new staple of your closet.

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The knitted tie, the new staple of your closet.
There are so many clichés around the knitted tie. For some, it is reserved for our grandfathers, who have been wearing it since the Sixties, for others it can only be worn by young hipsters. But the knitted tie, whether it is silk, cotton, or wool, can suit everyone, and every occasion. Sean Connery as James Bond used to wear it, James Dean or Paul Newman were also quite fans of them. And this accessory now appears in most menswear photoshoots. A trendy and yet elegant alternative to traditional ties, the knitted tie brings a certain je ne sais quoi to any formal or informal outfit. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, and don't know how to wear it, we put together some tips for you.

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A casual tie that you can wear formally

The knitted tie can be seen as a quite casual accessory. Nevertheless, wearing it at work, or at a wedding, is still appropriate. You only have to pick your knitted tie sober and pair it with a more formal suit.

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The silk knitted tie is the most common type of knitted tie. The silk brings brightness and an elegant finish to your tie. Much like silk, a cotton knit works well during every season. During the cold winter months, why not switch it up and go for a wool knitted tie, that will bring warmth to your heart. Stay away from synthetic fabrics, you'll only be able to keep them for a few months at best.

Colours and patterns

The black silk knitted tie is, without question, the one that you should have first. Perfect to smarten up your look, the navy blue one will also be an elegant choice. But nothing should hold you back from choosing more colours, quite the contrary. Simply pick the colour of your tie according to the kind of event you're going to, or simply according to your taste. For a cold winter day, pick a burgundy or grey knitted tie. For a summer walk, an orange or green knitted tie will be a great fit. If you want to add a dash of panache, why not choose a semi-plain or an english army, knitted tie: two colours knitted together to bring more nuance to your outfit. The knitted tie can also be adorned with small dots or stripes. Those patterns will show that you're not afraid to wear what you want.
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Knit and sizes

The width of your tie must, before all, fit your morphology. But the knitted tie, which width may vary between 5 and 7cm (at Pochette Square, it's 5,5), will fit more easily every morphology thanks to its linear shape. The knit of silk knitted tie may sometimes be aerated (don't worry, no holes to be seen), but also sometimes quite dense, as it may depend on the patterns and the effect that you want. The knit will be denser for a cotton or wool knit tie.

How to tie a knitted tie?

Its casual touch and the knit invites a four-in-hand knot, slightly asymmetric. Unlike traditional ties, showing a little bit of the small end will bring a touch of elegance. Make sure to tighten your knot a little bit more than usual, as the knot has a tendency to loosen up during the day. Forget more complicated knots like the Windsor or the half-Windsor that won't fit a knitted tie well.

How to wear it?

Cravate Tricot Laine Bordeaux There are no definite rules on how to wear a knitted tie. It will smarten up a casual outfit, or bring a casual touch to a formal outfit. You can wear it with a preppy look, or wear it at work. The knitted tie will bring personality to a traditional suit, whilst being profesional and dapper. You can also wear a knitted tie with formal shirts, it will compliment most types of collars. To sum up, the knitted tie is not only a hispter tie but a fresh alternative to traditional ties.

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