Groom, best man, guest : what should you wear at a wedding?

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Groom, best man, guest : what should you wear at a wedding?
Birds are singing, the sun is here, lovers are walking hand in hand in parks and pretty envelopes have started piling up next to your social diary? Wedding season is upon us! Whether you're the groom, the best man or men or simply a guest, you have to look your best. A wedding day is not the day to commit fashion mistakes, and in order to avoid them, we have compiled bits of advice on what to wear and what accessories to pick up. Nevertheless, if we had one advice it would be to be at ease and to have fun! Weddings are the perfect occasion for dressing up and to play with your accessories.

The Groom

The most important day of your life is coming up? Congratulations ! It is your day to be the most elegant, and we are pleased to be of assistance. The first step is to choose your suit. We advise you to pick a bespoke suit if you can. A well-tailored suit will put you more at ease and will make you shine, maybe even more than your best man's speech. A black suit, whether it is a two or three pieces suit, is the safest best for elegance for every gentleman out there. But you can also a dark grey or navy suit, which are quite common choices for weddings. Beige or white suits are only suitable for countryside or beach weddings, but will probably look out of place on other occasions. For the shirt, you should always go with white: you represent purity, and that is it. Regarding accessories, well-polished leather shoes are an absolute must. As a reminder, a blue suit invites black or brown shoes, and a grey or black suit only allows black shoes. More often than not, one will pair up shoes and belts (and even watch strap for the most rigorous ones). Will logically follow the question of the tie or bow tie. We will let you pick the colours of your wedding, but some rules to follow: please don't pick a neck tie and a pocket square (yes, the pocket square is unavoidable for your wedding) made in the same fabric ; we would rather advise you to pick a pocket square that complements your tie. It's all a question of harmony (and you should be all about harmony right now). If you wear around your neck a plain accessory, you can pick a pocket square with a bit more panache, a pocket square with a paisley or flowery pattern for example. A cute idea for a wedding is also to print your wedding invitation on your pocket square to gift to either your best men or even your guests. If you pick a more attention-grabbing tie, a simple white silk pocket square will let your whole outfit shine. A plain colourful pocket square in the colours of your wedding can also be a nice touch. It's also a custom to wear a flower, or boutonnière, at your lapel, a custom attributed to Prince Albert and Victoria. If you go for fresh flowers, be careful of shredded or withered petals that will cast a shade on an otherwise perfect outfit. Lapel flowers, made out of fabric, are a nice alternative to fresh flowers if that is not your cup of tea. The final touch of your outfit should be the cufflinks and the tie clip. If there are no family heirlooms, pick them simple. Garish cufflinks or tie clips could ruin an otherwise well put together outfit. And if we had to leave you with one advice it would this one: have fun! It is your day, have fun with the richness of menswear.
Linen Tie Pocket Square Wedding Pochette Square

Tie Pocket Square Wedding Pochette Square

The best man

You may have the most important role, you are his right-hand person, his shadow, his bodyguard. You should be as elegant as he is without overshadowing him. In terms of your outfit, you should mirror the groom and respect his guidelines. The suit will be a close version of the one the groom is wearing. We advise you to pick a jacket with a buttoned pocket, it would be a shame to lose the ring. Same rules apply to you: well-polished shoes and the respect of harmonious colours. The pocket square will put the final touch to your outfit. Of course, you should ask the bride and groom if they have a choice of colours for the day. If the bride had picked rose theme, your pocket square can be a nice touch to reminisce it in a discreet and elegant way.

The guest

A guest should be elegant without overshadowing the groom. The first thing to do is to read the invitation well. If a dress code is mentioned, of course, follow it. If you can, also ask the colours of the wedding to the bride and groom. If you can wear whatever you want, a well-tailored grey or blue suit will be a perfect pick for a wedding. The choice of colour also depends on the occasion: a civil wedding will not invite the same outfit than a countryside or beach one. Once you have picked the suit, you should pick your accessories. If you only have partial information regarding the outfits of the bride and groom, avoid bow ties as it could be the choice of the groom and best men. Pick a sober tie, plain or with a discreet pattern, in order to avoid overshadowing the groom. A pocket square will compliment nicely your outfit and add a necessary touch of panache. A wedding is a perfect occasion to have fun with your style. You are a bit of a wedding crasher and like to catch the eye of ladies? Try a silk pocket square, with an assumed pattern like a paisleys pocket square. Do you want to play it more casual? A linen or cotton pocket square will come informalize your outfit. Pick a more discreet pattern like checks or dots. If you have any doubts on how to pair your pocket square with the rest of your outfit? We got you covered gentlemen.

Knit Bow Tie Pocket Square Wedding Pochette Square

Some last pieces of advices : What better occassion than the most beautiful day of your life to wear a bespoke suit that will fit you like a glove? Give yourself this pleasure, and remember that wedding photos are also for life ! Whether you are the groom, a best man or a guest, your outfit has to be faultless : a two or three pieces suit, a well-ironed white or light blue shirt and your pocket square will make the difference. Keep a spare shirt, a stain can happen quickly, don't let it ruin your day. A gentleman has to wear a pocket square, it is first a sign of elegance, and you will be able to quickly get it out and use it when your sweetheart starts crying of joy. Do you want unique accessories for your wedding? You can't imagine what Pochette Square may do for you and your wedding : personalization, an original creation from the fabric of your choice, we have solutions to accompany the most ebautiful moments of your life. And that is our greatest pleasure.

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