3 pocket square folds in one minute.

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3 pocket square folds in one minute.
It is sometimes difficult to take time for yourself in the morning: fixing breakfast for your kids, checking e-mails ... You barely have the time to drink an always life-saving cup of coffee and put on your suit that you already have to go. But a modern dandy knows better than to go out with a less than perfect outfit. A true gentleman knows that tying a tie can go quite fast, but did you know that folding your pocket square can be as quick? We are going to present to you three folds that you can do in a couple of seconds. We recommend the puffy fold, the flat fold, and the one-point fold, three easy to do folds. You will be perfect in record time and go on your day knowing that you look dapper.

The Flat Fold: the classic.

The flat fold is a timeless classic. For this fold, pick a cotton or linen pocket square, two fabrics that will remember the fold and keep your pocket square firmly in place throughout the day. The flat fold is also the easiest one, you just have to fold your pocket square in four. Lay your pocket square flat to have a clear fold. Step 2, make sure that the width of your pocket square fits the width or your breast pocket. For step 3, you can fold your pocket square like a perfect square or let it come out a little bit more on one side or the other, to show a coloured edge for example. Slip your pocket square in your jacket's pocket and adjust to having it fit well in width.
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One Point Fold: the safe bet.

Pochette Costume Pli Une PointeIf you're only starting to wear pocket squares, or even if you're already an aficionado, you absolutely need to learn the one point fold. A more fanciful fold, you will be able to show more of the pattern of your pocket square. If you like paisleys, coloured edges or dots, why not show them off? With the one point fold, your pocket square won't go unnoticed. As with the flat fold, use a linen or cotton pocket square that will more easily stay put. For a one point fold, start with laying flat your pocket square. Fold your pocket square in four, and twist it to have a diamond shape. Fold the right and the left side at the centre of your pocket square, and then fold back the bottom. Put your pocket square in your suit's jacket. Afterwards, you can adjust it to let more or less fabric visible.

The Puff Fold: Long live the silk.

The puffy fold is the fold for you if you like wearing silk pocket squares. This fold will show well the lightness and quality of a silk pocket square. If you are in a hurry, you should go with the puffy fold as you won't find an easier fold. Lay your pocket square flat, pinch it in the middle and lift it gently. With your other hand, pinch the middle and fold it in two. Adjust to your taste. This fold is also great to show a different part of your pocket square, you just have to pick the part that you want to show.
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