BRADERIE - Pocket Square - Cocorico - Red

| Article de Braderie | It comes from an old collection (Pochette Square) and has an imperfection that is as small as its price.

The imperfection can be: a stain smaller than 5 mm in diameter, a pulled thread, a colour not true to the collection...

Once the scarf is worn, the imperfections disappear by blending in with our designs. This item is delivered without a box.

The sound of the proudest animal gives its name to this 100% cotton pocket square, made and rolled in Italy.

Good patriot that we are, we needed a pocket square that reminds everyone that France is and will remain the land of elegance.

So, long live the Republic and long live Pochette Square!

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Certainly the most simple material to wash, the cotton handles high temperatures. We advise you to wash it at 60°C for the plain white cotton or 40°C for the coloured ones.

Cotton isn’t in danger with a dryer, however just be careful to dry it at a low temperature if it is not plain white.

Finally, to get rid of those ungraceful rucks, warm up your flat iron and iron it at high temperature.

How to fold it ?

You can wear it with a one, two or three points fold, a flat fold or a puffy one.

ProductPocket Square 33x33 cm
Fabric100% cotton
Made inItaly
PatternStriped, Others